MGM School Star does what no other School App can.

And, it comes FREE with all MGM school communication systems.

Only School Star…

  • 2-way in-app messaging and School Alerts with automatic switchover to 2-way SMS delivery (for parents without the App, no mobile data, WiFi or when an in-app message is not read in 5 minutes)
  • Messages and School News delivered to 100% of parents – not just those with the School Star App
  • Restriction to only allow registered parents and caregivers access to your school information and student details
  • A beautiful, Facebook style, live and engaging School News Feed
  • Shows you which parents are using your School Star App
  • Has graphs and analytics to show you which news articles parents are reading and like most!
  • A beautiful White Label design. You brand the App as your individual, custom School App to enhance your school image
  • Accept payments with the integrated Qkr! By Mastercard® feature.
  • Translate posts into over 90 languages. Break the language barrier and reach parents of all backgrounds
School Star


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School Star

Reduce Your SMS Costs

With School Star’s 2-way secure in-app messaging to individual or all parents, your school will dramatically cut existing SMS message costs, because current SMS messages are replaced with School Star’s in-app messages.

Automatic Message Delivery Switchover To SMS

Not all Parents download School Apps. For these parents, or parents with the app but no mobile data or Wi-Fi or who don’t read the in app message in 5 minutes, School Star will automatically send your messages by SMS instead (including all pictures and file attachments). This means you always reach 100% of your parents with School Star!

Restricted access to only your school community

Only your registered Parents, Students, Staff, Old Scholars/Alumni and other known school community members have access to the app and your school data. No more sharing your internal school issues with the public. Everyone else is locked out!

2-Factor User Security & Account Verification

School Star uses a 2 step new account activation and verification process. Firstly, parents need to enter their name and mobile number. Once these details are validated against your school’s existing database, School Star sends a PIN Access Code by SMS for a second verification.

White-Label – Your School Branding

Completely brand School Star as your own! Insert you school logo, and School Star looks like you own App. But because it’s a standard app for all schools, you receive continuous upgrades and new enhancements automatically and for free.

School Star

Live Facebook Style News Feed

School Apps need to be engaging, fast and easy for parents to use. When parents open School Star, they instantly get engaged because they see all the latest School News in a Facebook style News Feed, Busy parents can set filters to see only the information that’s relevant to their family.

Beautiful Design – Enhance Your School Brand & Image

School Star was designed Australia’s leading app designers and user Interface experts. It’s a beautiful app that you brand as your own – so it looks custom built just for your school!  It’s really simple, elegant and easy to use – and will enhance your school brand and image.

Qkr! By MasterCard® Integration

SchoolStar seamlessly integrates with Qkr! to streamline school payments such as lunch orders, fees, uniforms and excursions. Secure in-app payments reduce time and stress for parents and teachers by allowing payments to be made at any time and on any device.

Ongoing R&D And Innovation

MGM is Australia’s largest and leading school communication provider. We invest over $1.5 million in new features and product development every year. With School Star, you continuously get access to ongoing innovations, continuous upgrades and enhancements automatically and for free.

Class Teacher Communication

School Star is ideal for class communication. Teachers can easily message and send content to parents and students, together with videos, pictures, forms and any other file attachment type. For auditing purposes, School Star keeps a record of all 2-way communication.

 Language Translation

SchoolStar gives parents the choice to view your school’s communications in their preferred language. The in-app language translation feature allows content to be translated in to over 90 languages. A must have feature for today’s multi-cultural society.

Parent Engagement Graphs & Analytics

Measure, refine and further improve your parent engagement efforts. School Star shows you which parents have downloaded the app, when they installed it and whether they are actively using the App, and how often. It will also show whether they have deleted it and even when!


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Outreach+ Content Management System

School News Articles and messages are created and sent using MGM Outreach+, Australia’s Number 1 School messaging and content management system. Create your messages (to individuals, groups or the whole school community) and News Articles, add your file attachments like Forms, Notices, Pictures and Videos, then Outreach+ uploads this to School Star for parents to view on their phones.

Outreach+ interfaces to your school’s existing school database, so there’s no need to update parent names, contact details or groups.

With Outreach+, schools can also create News Articles and send messages securely from outside your school on any internet enabled device, including a school leader’s smartphone.

MGM OutReach+
MGM OutReach+
MGM OutReach+

Available now for free with all MGM School Messaging Solutions

No matter whether your school’s using Outreach+ for community communication, messageyou for attendance alerts or Roll Marker, School Star is available for free! Contact our Customer Service Centre on 1800 300 346 to activate your upgrade.

Already using MGM? Reduce your current SMS costs

School Star’s 2-way in-App Messaging  with auto fail-over to 2-way SMS is available with all MGM Wireless Messaging Solutions.  Schools can use both messageyou and Outreach+ to send messages, but Outreach+ will be required to upload news articles to School Star.

Child Protection and Safety

MGM Wireless treats the issue of child safety, protection and welfare extremely seriously. All School Data is stored exclusively in Australia using the highest level of data security available. School Star complies with all Australian Federal and State Child Protection, Safety and Privacy Legislation, and complies with all Education Department Policies for School Data Security, Child Safety and Protection.

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