Whether it’s an engaging school app for news, information and sport, or 2-way personal in-app messaging with automatic fail-over to 2-way SMS, or email, or landline, or desktop web, or mobile web or all your social media networks, MGM provides you with one, integrated student information system platform for all your school-wide communication needs.

Absence Management. Now with 2-way Messaging.
Reduce your School SMS costs.

MGM’s messageyou + WatchLists are Australia’s leading student absence notification and management systems. Now with 2-way personalised in-App Absence Alerts with automatic failover to 2-way SMS (for those parents without the School Star app or without mobile internet or Wi-Fi), with MGM you can be 100% confident that all parents will always receive your absence alerts – and for the lowest cost possible.

Why MGM Wireless?

Expertise. Track record. Market Leadership. Over 1,200 schools and more than 1.6 million parents and students across Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.A rely on MGM for their school communication, parent engagement and student attendance management needs.

Our deep understanding of school operations, parent communication expertise and enviable track record of ongoing innovation have made MGM Wireless the undisputed school communication leader.

Learn how MGM can help your school build a better, safer, more engaged community

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Analytics that show you the effectiveness of your Parent Communication & Engagement efforts

See which parents have downloaded the School Star App, and see how frequently they use it. See which news articles parents read and which they like most. See the delivery and read receipt status of every message you send. Measure your parent message reply rates. See how to further improve the effectiveness of your communication and parent engagement efforts.

One Platform for every communication type

Whether it’s a school app for news and information, or 2-way personal in-app messaging with auto failover to 2-way SMS, email, landline, desktop web, mobile web or all your social media networks, MGM systems provide you with one, integrated platform for all you school-wide communication needs.

Student Attendance Management that works

MGM systems are the leading, proven solutions to sustainably improve student attendance and safety. Our patented, integrated communication and attendance management systems give your school a best practice process for automating the complex task of managing and improving student attendance. MGM evidence based systems deliver schools a 20-90% sustained improvement in unexplained absences, and an overall sustained improvement in student attendance.

One System that Solves The Complex Task of Parent Communication for Every School Type and Size

Only MGM solutions provide the breadth of specialised features essential for solving the complex task of school-wide communication, improving student safety and really engaging your school community .

Schools of every type and size, Education Departments, Systemic, Vocational and Childcare providers turn to MGM to solve their school communication and attendance needs.

School Data Security and Parent Privacy

The primary design criteria for all MGM systems is to deliver the highest level of student, parent and school security technically possible. MGM treats child safety, school data privacy and security extremely seriously, with all our systems and infrastructure exceeding security standards required by State and Federal Government Legislation.

Training, Implementation and Ongoing Support

MGM professional trainers are former school leaders, principals and digital communication and marketing experts. We have a deep understanding of both school operations and digital communication and marketing, parent behaviour and student attendance management. We’ll get your school up and running quickly and smoothly, keeping your parents and school community engaged!

MGM OutReach

Free real-time Quality Monitoring of your School Communication Systems

The primary design criteria in all MGM’s systems is student safety. But sometimes things at schools can technically go wrong, causing risk to student safety and your school reputation.

Manage your School Risk

MGM’s powerful communication infrastructure constantly monitors your school to ensure continuous fault free operation and fast delivery of your absence alerts and all other school communication. Should a fault be detected, our Quality systems and processes instantly alert your school and also trigger a process for MGM technical personnel to contact your school to rapidly rectify the problem.

Working with your existing school management or learning management system

SMS, SIS and LMS systems aren’t built for school communication. That’s why they provide only basic school communication functionality that doesn’t solve complex school communication issues and school attendance management needs. That’s why schools use MGM for school communication and attendance management.

MGM systems automatically extract parent contact, family grouping and other data from your current student or learning management systems. With MGM, there is no need to maintain multiple databases or for manual, time-consuming, error-prone uploading and updating of parent and attendance information.

Beautifully presented and displayed school news and information that enhances your school brand and image

MGM systems present your school information and messages beautifully, impressing parents and boosting your school brand and profile. All communication is branded with your individual school logos.

In-app messaging and alerts – and still reach 100% of your school community

In-app absence alerts, parent personal messaging, emergency alerts and every other type of school information. But for those parents/caregivers without School Star App, mobile data or Wi-Fi, MGM systems will automatically switch over and send messages, alerts and school news to parents by SMS instead!

1 Touch, ‘Hot Button’ School Emergency Communication.
24/7 Emergency Customer Services & Support.

In a school emergency like school bomb threat, bushfire, accident or other crisis, quick communication to parents and your wider school community is essential. MGM systems feature ‘1 button’ school emergency communication functionality to easily, quickly and personally notify every parent using pre-approved message templates for every school crisis situation. Alternatively, call the MGM Customer Service desk on 1800 300 346 and our service team will help get your emergency message sent.

Free School Emergency Communication

MGM always provides all school emergency SMS and communication services for free.

Even if your school doesn’t have a school communication system, MGM will install and provide you all school emergency communication services at no charge. Call MGM Customer Service on 1800 300 346 to have your no cost school communication system installed.

Australia’s Leading School Communication & Attendance Management Provider.

Find out how MGM can help your school build a better, safer, more engaged community.

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