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Melbourne – Friday, 11 November, 2016: ASX:MWR

At today’s Annual General Meeting, MGM Wireless Chairman Mark Fortunatow applauded the Queensland Government’s decision to mandate and fund messaging systems in every school to ensure every parent is promptly notified if a student does not arrive and no explanation has been given.

Mr Fortunatow said that the tender was proactive demonstration of the Queensland Government’s commitment to student welfare, under the leadership of Premier the Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk.

“Student attendance is acknowledged as a leading indicator of educational performance,” Mr Fortunatow said.  “The Queensland Government’s mandate for same day notification will be positive for student learning outcomes and engagement, and goes hand in hand with the benefits of student welfare and safety.”

MGM Wireless was recently selected by the Queensland Department of Education as one of three successful tenderers to supply school messaging communication solutions to the State’s 1,736 schools.

The market leader in this highly specialised sector, MGM Wireless can now extend its services to all Queensland schools, including around 500 private, independent and Catholic schools.