One of the scariest things about being a parent is losing contact with your kids during an emergency and what we learned in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Debbie can’t be ignored.

Some concerned parents contacted us about not receiving notification from their school app during the storm. We later found that these parents use other message solution apps that rely on offshore mobile connectivity carriers to deliver their messages.

What concerns us about this is that worried parents or carers might never receive messages at all, and if they do, delays in sending and receiving messages will occur because offshore mobile towers are unreliable. Not to mention, sensitive and private information stored about your kids is never secure, and these concerns are just the tip of the unstable iceberg.

MGM Wireless are the pioneers of School SMS solutions, which make us the best at what we do. We have revolutionised this technology to make sure school-parent communications never fail.

Our App, School Star helped more than 175 Queensland Government schools contact 32,000 parents in less than one minute ahead of Cyclone Debbie, that’s fast!

So here are the 4 reasons your school should use the School Star app in an emergency.

  1. Our messages are always delivered to 100 per cent of registered users;
  1. Even If parents or carers don’t have our School Star app, or if there is an interruption in mobile connectivity, our system will always ‘Auto Switch’ to deliver SMS messages;
  1. Our system is the most reliable and highly secure on the market (We use Secure 2-Factor parent identification and registration;) Which means you can’t use School Star or access any information unless you’re registered with your school.
  1. We only use Australian mobile connectivity, so personal information never leaves our shores.

We don’t know of any other app that has these capabilities.

So if your school isn’t using The School Star app, you should be asking why!


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