There’s an age-old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, the same goes for communications, too many platforms lead to confusion and a flood of unwanted information. Schools communicate with their communities in many ways, through; Websites, email, apps, phone, e-newsletters, SMS and social media. This can cause irritability among parents and carers, which can ultimately damage a school’s brand.

De – fragmenting your school communication. MGM School Star

School staff constantly communicate information about student absences, fees, events, excursions, announcements, emergencies, sport, forms, newsletters, alumni and more.

MGM Wireless has created one platform for all your school communications. Outreach+ makes it easy to maintain critical contact with your school community and deliver information any time, anywhere.

What’s so different about Outreach+?

  • Integrated School Star App, SMS, email, social media and more.
    Outreach+ can deliver school information the way your parents prefer. Through one simple, easy to navigate platform parents can receive information that’s personalised for maximum engagement via SMS, secure app, social media and more.
  • Role-based access.
    Limit staff access to role and management level. Each user will only see their messages and parent replies; however, higher-level users and system administrators can see all communications by all users.
  • Quality control.
    Restrict school staff to using pre-approved message templates, meaning, all information is uniformly delivered making it easy to digest.
  • No need to be at school to communicate.
    Securely communicate with your parents through the Outreach+ secure website which is accessible from anywhere (including staff mobile phones). Communications are not restricted to being delivered during school hours, from the school premises.
  • Interfaces with your existing student database.
    Outreach+ easily accesses your current parent/carer information, like, names, contact details, family groupings and more. There’s no need to manually upload information or data currently stored.
  • Analytics to measure and improve parent engagement.
    Outreach+ media analytics and graphs give you an in-depth analysis about which parents are engaged and which articles they are reading and like most, so you can monitor parent engagement.

Outreach+ is the most secure way to communicate with your school community and with all of its capabilities, why would schools use any other school communication and engagement system?