The Education Plus Professional Development Day – “Riding the comms wave train for positive community engagement” held on May 2, 2017 at the Adelaide Wine Centre Has Produced Some Important Data. And Can We Just Say, the results don’t lie. We conducted live polling throughout the day, which revealed some stunning findings.


‘If you knew a school app exposed your school data to the public, would you still select or purchase it for your school?’

79% said NO

The fact is, most school apps have no security and people aren’t aware that their school app might be leaking private information, data and pictures about their school, students and parents to anyone that has the ability to download an app.

What does this mean for your school?

  • School’s private information, messages, news, student photographs, and parents’ names are public, which can be damaging to the school’s brand, students, parents and alumni.
  • Anyone can download and use the app (there’s no screening process)
  • Students could be at risk.

MGM School Star is the only app that protects parents, students and school privacy.

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Old school apps leaking private information

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