Powered by schooling messaging pioneer MGM Wireless, the father company responsible for providing instant mobile messaging services to Australian schools for over two decades, the revolutionary SPACETALK is an all-in-one phone, watch and GPS device, conveniently and securely connecting parents and kids by voice and SMS.

Launched in 2018 SPACETALK is the first, and still, remains the only children’s smartwatch phone to be completely designed and developed in Australia. Why did we develop a smartwatch for young kids? Well, because you asked for it.

A recent in-depth MGM study into Australian Primary School Parents, indicated amongst parents indicated that over 60% strongly believe that children under the age of 12 should not have open access to smartphones. But over 70% of agree that children should be allowed to wear smartwatches rather than use smartphones in primary schools.

The only deal breaker that surveyed parents insisted on however, was that smartwatches would be welcomed ‘as long as there is complete parental control over the technology, and it is safe.’

Enter SPACETALK. The safest, children’s smartwatch phone in the world.

SPACETALK has been bespoke designed with your child’s safety in mind. We fully support the prohibited use of young children using smartphones in and out of the classrooms and agree that they are an unwanted distraction, particularly in class.

SPACETALK completely removes these distractions. It has no access to the internet, no apps, and most important of all, NO social media.

It has a safe caller list set by you, the parent. That leaves no room for cyber bullying from other kids, or the ability for an unknown contact trying to call or message your child.

School Mode ensures that your child’s safety device can be worn as a simple wristwatch during school hours, with school mode allowing parents to remotely switch off any, or all features which could potentially provide a distraction – things like incoming and outgoing calls, messaging, step counter, or stopwatch.

Is this helicopter parenting? No. With SPACETALK, parents can now let their child cycle or walk to school knowing they’ll be automatically alerted once they arrive in the school zone, or even their grandparents’ house. It has an SOS button if a child is in trouble – and the GPS ensures parents know where their child is at all times.

SPACETALK is first and foremost a safety device, with a raft of features designed to relieve the stresses of being a parent.

With the first children’s smartwatch phone to be accredited by world leaders in cyber safety as ‘hacker-proof,’ trust SPACETALK to your family connected.

Head over to https://www.spacetalkwatch.com/ and find out about the many more features SPACETALK has to offer.

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