As the effects of Covid-19 slowly subside in Australia the country steadily prepares for life after the virus. The path back to normality will be both long and considered as while the curve may have been flattened the return to life as we knew it will take time. For those of us in education there are many considerations first and foremost learning. The curriculum and learning plans that were redesigned for online learning now have to be readjusted back to the classroom. Many schools are shifting to plans that have students combining both online and on campus learning on part time schedules to minimise numbers on campus. Some parents are returning to work while some will remain in work from home situations until later in the school year. Careful consideration needs to be given to the conversation between school and parents over this time. The school communication needs to each parent can depend on many factors such as child’s age, class curriculum and external activities.

The easiest way for schools to communicate with parents is on a group by group basis. While school wide updates need to be sent to all parents there are many other forms of communication that are best sent via SMS. What will be most important is the essential dialogue with parents about the individual situations. With Australia and all its schools operating on a ‘case by case’ basis this will require ‘case by case’ communication. Will the year 8s return to school for their exam? Are music lessons going ahead for the band in term 3? Will tennis training resume in October? These are just a small sample of many questions parents could have throughout this next period of time. This type of information tends to be lost in emails or handbooks, with so much change right now we are tending to forget information that’s not put clearly in front of us.

Schools more than ever require a dynamic SMS and communication system to speak to parents. MGM’s OutReach+ caters for every message from school wide broadcasts to personalised school to parent communication and all forms in between. Need to be able to message the year 10 science parents to remind them their children need to come on campus for their exam? OutReach+ puts that ability at the click of a button using dynamic groups. Does the soccer coach need to inform parents that no contact training will begin in July? Then MGM’s School Star app allows the coach to speak to their team and only their team using the extensive admin features. The time ahead should be safer for the population however for those in education it may also be more turbulent than ever as we ease back into normal life.

Whatever the case may be MGM Wireless has a communication solution that will allow schools of all shapes and sizes to communicate with parents and caregivers in any situation. MGM products are robust and purpose built for schools providing a comprehensive communication and engagement system. Take the first step to joining 1400 schools Australia wide using MGM Wireless systems by filling out the form below for a no obligation demonstration.

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