Where Opportunity Meets Rewards

New opportunities can be everywhere at MGM. We are always on the lookout for new talent ready to rise to the occasion, thrive on being challenged, and help us grow. Innovative ideas come from all employees, at every level. So whether you’re an engineer, customer service consultant, product manager or sales professional, your contribution counts.

A strong team

  • To achieve our vision, we understand that our employees are key to our success. Providing a stimulating, satisfying and challenging employment environment where people can develop and excel is at the heart of our vision and core beliefs.
  • We strive to provide rewarding, challenging and financially lucrative employment opportunities for skilled professionals to work on the national and international stage, to compete against their peers in global markets.
  • We are passionate about the ongoing professional development of our employees. We encourage employees to take risks and innovate. We support and provide personal development support including training that asks team members to challenge and push themselves to perform at world’s best standards and beyond.
  • We want to see all employees achieve a rewarding career, the ability to earn significant levels of remuneration and to realise their professional, personal and family goals.
  • MGM is a place where potential is realised. We value innovation, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, teamwork, and hard work.
  • We enjoy and have a good time working and then celebrating our success, but only on the basis that we achieve our individual professional and company goals and targets.
  • We believe in the ongoing support, training, development and mentoring of our staff to achieve world’s best standard and beyond. We compete against the toughest competitors worldwide – and to win we rely on the skills, efforts and talent of our people.
  • We invest in people and that is why we develop long-standing relationships with our employees.
  • We share our success. That is why we believe in generously financially rewarding our staff when we individually and collectively achieve commercial success. Finally, MGM has a track record of rewarding key staff with performance-based shares and options.

Our open opportunities