Our Goals and Guiding Principles

Continuous leadership in School Communication and Attendance Management.


Our goal is to continuously improve our leadership in School Communication and Student Attendance Management.

To achieve this goal our strategy is to continuously develop new, innovative products and services to broaden the school market that we serve, and to enhance existing products and services to meet the changing needs of Schools, Students, Parents and the Community.

In all our endeavours, our aim is to achieve excellence.

We believe that excellence is an attitude as well as an outcome. We strive to create an environment where the skills and creativity of our employees can flourish and be rewarded. We understand that honesty, openness, recognition and trust are necessary to ensure our success as a corporation and as individuals.

Our Guiding Principles

Integrity Honesty is the cornerstone of our relationships with our school customers, education departments, our colleagues, our suppliers and our community. Doing the right thing is an individual and collective responsibility to be practiced in all matters, every working day. We place a high emphasis on fairness, equality of treatment, and common courtesy.

Excellence Our success as an organisation is based on our individual contribution to the production of our innovative, awarded, reliable, secure, high-quality products and services that satisfy the needs of our school customers. The quest for excellence is not the easy way, but is the only way to achieve the ultimate in professional growth and satisfaction.

Entrepreneurial Spirit We value a work environment where the entrepreneurial elements to the maintenance of an entrepreneurial spirit and employee enthusiasm are: a well-articulated corporate mission, stimulating personal challenges and a secure environment where openness, loyalty, trust, and recognition coexist. Each of us shares the responsibility for taking initiative and identifying and making the most of opportunities.

Individual and Corporate Responsibility We recognise that the resources and opportunities for career growth are directly related to the continued profitability of the organisation. Good judgment and prudence in our business affairs are responsibilities shared by every individual of the organisation, it’s a commitment we make to our employees, our school customers, our shareholders, and our suppliers.

We accept our responsibility to be good citizens in our community by providing equal opportunity, conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.