Supporting The Community

As a leading technology provider to schools and parents, MGM Wireless has an important responsibility to act with integrity and care for the community. We aim to bring about positive social change by supporting children’s education wherever possible.

Educate Plus

MGM Wireless is proud to be a national sponsor of Educate Plus, a network of advancement professionals working in the education sector within the fields of Admissions, Alumni & Community Relations, Fundraising and Marketing. Educate Plus works to promote learning and improvement through professional development seminars, training programs and knowledge sharing platforms for all advancement professionals in the education sector.

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Old Ignatians Soccer Club

MGM is pleased to sponsor of the Old Ignatians College Soccer Club for 2016 and 2017 seasons. With teams across 5 divisions as well as a ladies team, the Club provides both old scholars and those from the wider community an opportunity to participate, socialise and have some fun in a welcoming and diverse environment.


Patma Music Family Concerts


MGM Wireless is a proud major corporate sponsor to Patma Music, a not for profit organisation. Through school incursions and concerts, Patma Music provides children with an engaging and friendly experience of classical music, orchestral instruments and the opportunity to participate in an interactive and entertaining performance of well known and loved children’s stories. For more information see:







MGM is pleased to sponsor of AllKids. AllKids is a not for profit, non-Government organisation based in Cambodia. AllKids Objectives;

  • To enable disadvantaged children to access education
  • To improve the quality of education within local schools
  • To strengthen local communities and encourage self determination

For more information see:


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