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At MGM, we are always on the lookout for new talent – someone who thrives on challenge, who wants to make an impact, who understands socially responsible technology, and who can help us grow. Innovative ideas come from all employees, at every level.   So whether you’re an engineer, customer service consultant, product manager, marketer or sales professional, your contribution counts.  Read more about our values, and get in touch if you believe this is the right place for you.

Our Company Values


We support and encourage each other to work hard, be accountable and collaborate to achieve results and share in the enjoyment of our organisation’s success


We foster a spirit of entrepreneurship by encouraging the creativity and individuality of our people, empowering them to lead, contribute ideas and make informed decisions


We constantly seek ways to innovate our business models, products and services adapting to change with agility, efficiency and enthusiasm

honour and integrity

We trust our people to be ethical and humble in all of their dealings with their colleagues, customers and stakeholders acting with honesty, transparency and integrity at all times

How we work

We understand that our employees are at the heart of our vision and key to our success. We provide stimulating, satisfying and challenging employment where every team member can develop and excel

We strive to provide rewarding and financially lucrative employment opportunities for skilled professionals to work on the national and international stage, to compete against their peers in global markets

We are passionate about the ongoing professional development of our employees. We encourage employees to take risks and innovate. We provide personal development support including training to enable team members to perform at world’s best standards and beyond.

We want all our employees to achieve a rewarding career, and to realise their professional, financial, personal and family goals.

 We value innovation, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, teamwork, and hard work. MGM is a place where potential is realised. 

We enjoy and celebrate work and our success, on the basis that we achieve our individual professional and company goals and targets

We compete against the toughest competitors worldwide – and to win we rely on the skills, efforts and talent of our people

We invest in people and that is why we develop long-standing relationships with our employees

We share our success. That is why we believe in generously financially rewarding our staff when we individually and collectively achieve commercial success. MGM has a track record of rewarding key staff with performance-based shares and options

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