Corporate Overview

MGM Wireless Limited
ACN: 091 351 530
ABN: 93 091 351 530
Phone toll-free: 1800 300 346
Email: investor@mgmwireless.com

Corporate Information

A Public Company listed on Australian Stock Exchange since 2004  (ASX code: MWR)

Head Office
MGM Wireless Ltd
Suite 13, The Parks
154 Fullarton Road, Rose Park
South Australia 5067 Australia

About MGM

MGM Wireless Limited is a technology company designing, developing and commercialising a smartphone + watch wearables device for children, and software for school communication and student absence management. 

The Company’s AllMyTribe division has developed a children’s all-in-one smartphone, watch and GPS device called SPACETALK, which allows two-way 3G phone calls and SMS messaging to a parent-controlled list of contacts.  Other features include GPS tracking to alert parents whenever children leave designated safe spaces, such as school or the home.

MGM Wireless built its track record with school communication solutions after discovering in 2002 the SMS as a powerful method for parent engagement.   The Company went on to create the world’s first SMS based Automated Student Absence Notification Solution and many other innovations since then.  It is recognised as a global leader and pioneer in socially responsible and technology-enabled school communication.

MGM Wireless products include student absence notifications ‘MessageYou’, absence analytics software ‘Watchlists’, school news and messaging app ‘School Star’, content management and messaging platform for mobile school communication called Outreach+, and student attendance management solution ‘RollMarker’.

Used by over 1400 schools and 1.7 million parents, the Company’s school communication solutions empower schools to effectively communicate and engage parents and caregivers through SMS, mobile in-app and other means to improve student attendance and safety, help schools reduce operating costs and increase parent engagement.



SPACETALK is regarded as the market leader in the new and emerging product category of children’s smartwatch + mobile phones.  SPACETALK is an all-in-one children’s smartwatch, mobile phone and GPS device that allows parents and children to be in constant contact without exposing their kids to the dangers of social media apps and unrestricted access to the Internet.

Specifically designed for young children between the ages of 5 and 12, SPACETALK allows parents to be in constant contact with their children without exposing them to the dangers of social media, apps and unrestricted Internet access. It’s considered to be a safe and responsible, parent-controlled mobile phone specifically for young children before they get a smartphone for adults.

Developed in Australia, and one of the first mobile devices of its type worldwide, the child can make or receive calls from a list of contacts parents choose in the AllMyTribe® smartphone app. If the child needs help, a special SOS alert function can be customised to call parents and other guardians. Parents can see their child’s location on their smartphone and the AllMyTribe App features alerts so whenever children leave designated safe spaces such as school or home, parents are notified. A step counter tracks the wearer’s physical activity.

SPACETALK has been independently verified by leading international cybersecurity experts as using best in class, world’s best practice security and privacy features built in. It also meets European GDPR Data Privacy regulations. All data is hosted in Australia or UK in highly secure data centres and protected by European GDPR Privacy and Data Security regulations, so privacy and security are assured. To learn more please visit: spacetalkwatch.com.

Company Secretary 

Justin Nelson LLB, BA (Jur)

Mr Nelson has extensive experience in the listed company environment through his former role as the ASX’s SA State Manager and Manager Listings (Adelaide); roles he held for 8 years until the Adelaide ASX offices were consolidated nationally in March 2012.

An expert in corporate governance procedures, ASX Listing Rules and company meeting practice, Mr Nelson is also a regular presenter on corporate governance topics for Chartered Secretaries Australia (CSA), the leading independent authority on best practice in board and organisational governance and risk management.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity involves recognising and valuing the unique contribution people can make because of their individual background and different skills, experiences and perspectives, including persons with coexisting domestic responsibilities. Diversity may result from a range of factors including gender, age, ethnicity and cultural background.

Diversity Policy

This policy sets out the Company’s commitment to diversity in the workplace and provides a framework to achieve the Company’s diversity goals. The Company is committed to creating and ensuring a diverse work environment in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect and where everyone feels responsible for the reputation and performance of the Company.

The Board of Directors and management believe that the Company’s commitment to this policy promotes a corporate culture which embraces diversity and contributes to achieving the Company’s corporate objectives.

Recruitment And Selection 

In order to achieve diversity in our workforce, it is essential that recruitment of employees and selection processes are based on merit and are non-discriminatory.


The Board will establish measurable objectives for achieving gender diversity which may be amended from time to time. The Board will assess the progress towards achieving these objectives on an annual basis.


Each year the Company Secretary will review this policy and provide any recommendations for amendment to the Board.