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Outreach+ makes it easy to manage all your school communication and engage parents using one simple system. With OutReach+, you can reach parents in the way they want to receive messages. Send school notifications via text, email, voice, social media, and push notifications – and do so quickly and easily from our intuitive interface.

School Star App

Innovative, connected and secure communication is at the forefront of the School Star App. It provides secure and private communication for all your school news, newsletters, absence notifications, 2-way personal or group messaging and useful links.

With in-App news creation, share your news, events and engagement learning moments as it happens.



Be it on an excursion, bus, school oval or overseas learning tour, RollMarker allows staff to securely mark attendance from anywhere using any internet enabled device.

Students can mark their own attendance with easy to use and highly configurable attendance KIOSKS to streamline late arrivals or early departures.

MessageYou + Watchlists

MessageYou uses artificial intelligence together with attendance data monitoring to drastically reduce your unexplained absences. Identify trends in advance with detailed reports. Ensure compliance with message logs and two-way conversation archiving.


Simply Safer Phones for Kids

Without all the nasties, giving your kids their first phone really is childʼs play. A perfect solution to transition into a communication device that is safe, secure but enables their development and independence.

We always put their safety and your peace of mind first. Through SMS, calls and GPS location on demand, while youʼre at work, SPACETALK is at work, keeping your child safe. Set up Safe Zones in the AllMyTribe app to receive alerts when your child leaves and arrives at those zones. Perfect for catching a bus or riding their bike home.