Be it on an excursion, bus or overseas learning tour, RollMarker allows staff to easily and securely mark attendance from anywhere using any internet enabled device.

Mark rolls anywhere

Be it on an excursion, bus, school oval or overseas learning tour, RollMarker allows staff to securely mark attendance from anywhere using any internet enabled device.

Linked to your database

Quick import of all set up and maintenance of data (student details and photos, timetable, staff, subjects) either synchronised from your student management system or it can be configured so you enter and maintain the data directly. Regular timetable imports will change timetable, class and teacher details from the date of import.

Student KIOSK

Students can mark their own attendance with easy to use and highly configurable attendance KIOSKS to streamline late arrivals or early departures.

Excursion and field trip control

Manage and create excursions, field trips or unique roll marking sessions directly from RollMarker.


Relief teacher management


Enable TRT or a change in teacher schedules. Allow teachers access to only their specific classes or view other rolls enabling TRT, co-curricular and performing arts facilitators to view and mark classes. Classes can also be re-assigned by administrators to ensure attendance is marked efficiently.

Co-curricular or RTO attendance marking

RollMarker can be configured to your timetable including period marking or sessions with a variety of times for RTO or co-curricular schedules. With duty of care requirements, you can ensure you have the reports and attendance data logged for any audit purposes, ensure engagement of programs schedule absentee SMS straight from RollMarker.

Customizable school administrative functions such as:

  • Set up Student KIOSKS to self manage student movement passes
  • Temporary student reassignment
  • Makeup Classes
  • Medical information
  • Amend a student absence record in a single easy to access screen
  • Create excursions and camps

For School IT system administrators

  • 4 user permission types, each with configurable access and edit rights
  • Set up and maintenance of data (student details, photos, timetable, staff, subjects) from your student management system
  • Export lesson attendance data back to your student management system in part of day format
  • Export via csv all logs (transactional records of key functions) or print to a file or printer
  • Use up to 3 different student ID’s

For teaching staff

RollMarker has been designed to provide one-click access to all rolls assigned to that teacher.

Choose to give educators access to some or all of the functions available to school leaders.

The teacher screen:

  • Shows upon login all classes which have not been marked for the day
  • The mark roll screen may be set up to allow teachers access to only their classes or view other rolls (TRT, co-curricular, performing arts)
  • Teachers can elect to mark and view the roll for a single period or multiple periods (e.g. doubles or to view absence patterns for a longer period)
  • The single roll marking screen allows the teacher to create their own customised seating plan for students
  • Each student roll record allows direct entry of absence note details and uniform violations (if activated for the school)
  • With a single mouse click teachers can bring up a student photo or access a student’s details in tab view (depending on permissions set by the school administrator)

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