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For all school news, newsletters, absence notifications, 2-way personal or group messaging, integrated 2-way SMS and useful links.

School Star

MGM Wireless offers schools the tools they need to connect with parents, community members, alumni, and more.

Find out why so many of your peers trust MGM Wireless and discover what our notification, mobile, and attendance solutions can do for your school.

Discover how our solution can help improve your communication including:

  • Co-curricular and sports communication
  • RollMarking for duty of care
  • Co-curricular or period marking
  • Emergency messaging
  • Community messages, news, events and reminders
  • Attendance management and reduction in unexplained absences
  • Enable emergency communication to groups or your whole community
  • Create news and messages In-App and share results or shared moments in near real time
  • Provides school leaders with control and transparency

News and Communication

Every parent has different communication preferences.

With OutReach+, you can reach your community in the way they want to receive messages. Send school notifications via text, email, voice, social media, or push notifications – and do so quickly and easily from our intuitive interface.

In-App news creation

Share results or learning moments internally or directly to your parent community with a multiple image gallery.

If you prefer, the permissions and drafts feature can enable a communication or administration person to edit and review the message before it goes to recipients.


Scheduled news or message posts

Term breaks, a family Christmas message and other events can all be scheduled to ensure you stay connected to your community.

Emergency messaging

Create consistent and predefined communication as part of your critical incident management plan.

With School Star you can:

  • create emergency templates for staff or parent notifications and send them from your mobile device via In-App messaging
  • remind staff of the different types of emergency sirens; or
  • attach emergency procedures as a reminder to new and existing staff of their expectations and roles.

For added control and emergency communication Chief Fire Wardens or the Principal can activate messages via School Star templates to notify parents or staff without needing access to a computer.

Search for news or areas of interest

Forgotten when an article was posted? Or just save time by searching for areas of interest with search terms.


Language translation

Provide an inclusive community and engage with parents from all backgrounds. There are over 100 languages for parents to choose from.


When it comes to notification systems, reliability, ease of use and security are the most important considerations.

We see many examples of communication solutions and Apps with limited or no privacy on student information or the hassle of maintaining manual lists and updates across two different systems.
School Star can connect to your database through Active-Sync to ensure only your community can access the App, guaranteeing a high level of security.


Measure, refine and further improve your engagement efforts.

With its simple dashboard School Star shows you who has downloaded the app, popular articles and news tags and engagement trends.

Backup SMS service

MGM’s backup SMS service enables communication with control over the message medium to include all message formats including In-App, SMS, voice or email to ensure your community is 100% contactable. You can control the switchover to SMS if messages have not been read to ensure time sensitive messages get through and alert your community.


Outreach+ makes it easy to manage all your school communication and engage parents using one simple system. With Outreach+, you can reach parents in the way they want to receive messages. Send school notifications via text, email, voice, social media, and push notifications - and do so quickly and easily from our intuitive interface.

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MessageYou uses artificial intelligence together with attendance data monitoring to drastically reduce your unexplained absences. Identify trends in advance with detailed reports. Ensure compliance with message logs and two-way conversation archiving.

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