Parents receive the right message, at the right time, using their preferred channel.

Attendance excellence means better outcomes for students, schools and society.

Support your school community with leading edge messaging for absences, emergencies, news and school information. 

More than 1,400 schools and 1.7 million parents depend on MGM

For day-to-day reminders, absence alerts and emergency messaging, MGM has the track record as Australia's leading school messaging company.

MessageYou with WatchLists is fully integrated with your school system

A single view of your parent contact details across your School Management Database increases data accuracy and eliminates rekeying of information.

Deliver your message or alert in-app, by voice, email or SMS messaging

No one wants to play 'telephone tag'. Parents receive tailored notifications at the right time, in the right format - using each parent's preferred channel.

More than compliance

Same day messaging is mandated, but true duty of care is more complex. Using MGM’s tried and tested systems, it’s easy to set up your own messaging parameters, tailored to your school’s brand and ethos.

Analytics, Auditing, Behaviour Monitoring and Followup Alerts built-in.

WatchLists with Intelligent Attendance Notification - 'IAN'

Modern families come in all shapes and sizes, with complex structures and shared care arrangements. This poses a challenge when determining the correct message recipient.  

Intelligent Attendance Notification (IAN) is a sophisticated algorithm that takes care of all this complexity, saving time and stress for schools and parents.  IAN automatically constructs and personalises every message to reflect the unique personal circumstances for each student and absence type

Unprecedented control of Attendance Management

Save time by configuring MessageYou to send notifications for predefined circumstances, automatically or manually:

  • Whole Day, Morning, Afternoon absence
  • Class (period) absence
  • Unexplained late, early departure
  • 3 consecutive days late
  • 7 day ‘no parent reply’ followup

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