Built for today’s modern, complex schools

Built to cater for complex student movements and timetables, is an advanced roll marking and student welfare solution that will handle the most complex attendance management needs.

Mark rolls anywhere

Be it on an excursion, bus, school oval, school grounds or on the other side of the world, RollMarker allows teachers and school staff to securely mark rolls from anywhere using any internet enabled devices such as a tablet or smartphone.

Student Kiosk

With easy to use, configurable school kiosks students can mark their own attendance enabling faster sign-in process or passes out for appointments.

Support for challenging cases

School Staff can securely instantly see on their smartphone or any other internet device a comprehensive view of all the information need to get a complete understanding of a student’s attendance records, behaviour, family details and all other associated information.


For School IT System Administrators

  • Very easy and fast user setup
  • 5 user permission types, each with configurable access and edit rights to different roll marking functions and attendance codes.
  • Enable teachers to mark their own class rolls only or all other teacher rolls or set up a configurable permission profile to allow relief teachers to mark specific class rolls on a particular day.
  • Quick import of all set up and maintenance of data (student details and photos, timetable, staff, subjects) either directly from your student management system or any csv file or enter the data directly. Regular timetable imports will change timetable, class and teacher details from the date of import.
  • Export lesson attendance data back to your student management system in part of day format.
  • Export via csv all report data or print to a file or connected printer
  • Export via csv all logs (transactional records of key functions) or print to a file or printer
  • Select from a set Attendance Codes which can be customised to suit the school
  • Customise school holidays
  • Use up to 3 different student ID’s
  • Change the timetable day temporarily to equalize the impact of holiday or other school events on teaching time.
  • Customise school set up to enable single or multiple campus roll marking

Customizable school administrative functions such as:

  • Time Out
  • Temporary student reassignment
  • Make Up Classes
  • Uniform violation
  • Student Passes
  • Allocation of Merit Points
  • Detention
  • Set up Student Kiosks to self manage student movement passes
  • End of Year Rollover to the new year function
  • Reports for all data by date range from the set up time onwards. This means longitudinal data is accessible across multiple years.
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School Leaders

  • Edit student details
  • View and or Edit student notes (behaviour, general or medical)
  • Mark the roll for all teachers
  • Amend student absence records
  • Issue student passes
  • Temporarily reassign students to alternative activities / classes
  • Create make up classes
  • Create and edit excursions and camps
  • View and print lists and logs
  • View and print lists and logs
  • School leaders may be given full or partial access to all attendance codes

For School Attendance Administrators

School staff who are involved in the support or management of student services / attendance can by default:

  • Mark the roll for any class
  • Mark one or groups of students absent for a part day, full day or prolonged period
  • Amend a student absence record in a single easy to access screen
  • Create excursions and camps
  • Record Medication given to students
  • Issue Student Passes (customised to suit the school). Student passes can be within the school (movement passes), or record late arrival or early departure. All passes will automatically over write attendance records.
  • Manage uniform violations
  • Collect found or confiscated items
  • Temporarily reassign students to an activity or class
  • Create Make Up classes
  • Keep a record of all student assignments handed in
  • Create Student Lists (by campus, house, year group, Excursion, class, home group) with customised student details options (name, id, year level, house, home group, boarder, international student, ESL, medical condition, Indigenous, etc)
  • Create staff lists (campus, house, class, year level) with customised staff detail options (e.g. name, code, title, house, email, class name, access type)
  • Create Parent lists (campus, house, home group, year level) with customizable details (for either or both Primary and Secondary contact parents)

Quickly find any transactional record relating to the key functions in via read only logs, which can be viewed on screen or printed or exported via csv file:

  • Assignments handed in by students (relate to assignments created for teaching staff)
  • Attendance records
  • Detention
  • Excursion details
  • Items either found or confiscated
  • Make Up Classes
  • Medication given
  • Merit points assigned by teaching staff
  • Status of student passes
  • Temporary Class Assignments
  • Time out
  • Uniform violations
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For Teaching Staff

has been designed to provide one click access to all rolls assigned to that teacher.

The teacher screen:

  • Shows upon login all classes which have not been marked for the day (including by default any which may have been missed for the past week). This includes any excursions or make up classes or Time Out or Detention or Relief lessons allocated to the teacher on the current day (default)
  • The mark roll screen may be set up to allow teachers only access to their own classes or view other staff or only allocated relief lessons
  • Roll marking has been segregated by class type to allow quick selection of the correct roll marking screen (subject class, excursion, home group, detention, timeout, house, year group, make up class or temporary assignment)
  • Teachers can elect to mark and view the roll for a single period or multiple periods (e.g. doubles or to view absence patterns for a longer period)
  • The single roll marking screen allows the teacher to create their own customised seating plan for students
  • Each student roll record allows direct entry of absence note details and uniform violations (if activated for the school)
  • With a single mouse click teachers can bring up a student photo or access a student’s details in tab view (depending on permissions set by the school administrator)

By default teachers can:

  • Find any student details
  • Find which rooms are available
  • Add students to detention
  • Assign merit points
  • Find details of all staff timetables
  • Give students a uniform violation
  • View student details such as general student information (names, id’s, DOB, gender, year level, home group, date enrolled, student mobile, email, whether the student identifies as an indigenous student, is a boarder, an education allowance student, has medical conditions, has a flexible timetable, may be given panadol). View parent contact details, the student timetable, student absence record and the classes (subjects) being studied by the student

Schools can choose to give teachers access to some or all of the functions available to school leaders (as above

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