Community & Sports Groups

For sports, social or community groups let us help you engage, excite and communicate with your community in a safe, secure and reliable way.


  • Emergency messaging for important or cancelled events
  • Community notifications and news
  • Events and reminders
  • Multiple “entities” available within the same App
  • Admin and permission controls
  • In-App messaging and news creation for coaches and managers
  • Easily creates links to existing websites
  • Categorise your members into groups to improve communication with players, parents, members or to your whole community.

Emergency Notifications

It may be a weather cancellation, a bus running late, or other important time-sensitive messages need to reach 100% of your community members.
MGM services enable:
  • Desktop + App interfaces
  • Emergency communication with control over the message medium to include all message formats including In-App, SMS, voice or email to ensure your community is 100% contactable. You can control the switchover to SMS if messages have not been read to ensure time-sensitive messages get through and alert families of critical information.
  • Create news and messages in-App and share results or shared moments in near real-time.
  • Provides managers and leaders with complete control and transparency.
  • Manage your community with verified member authorisation to ensure the privacy of information and members.

Attendance Management

Do you know who is supposed to be at practice or your regular social club meet? Do you have minors in your care?

Does your current process enable reporting and risk reduction for sports administrators and your brand?

MGM can support your activities with an attendance management system. Connection to your established database or managed separately enables you the control over how you use the system while reducing attendance risk and providing an auditable and reportable system.

Attendance KIOSK

We understand visitors and attendance management cause a strain during peak periods. Streamline your attendance management processes with an integrated member or visitor KIOSK. 

Allow regular attendees, staff or visitors to sign in and out using the KIOSK. View analytics and detailed attendance reports.

Scheduled news or message posts

Schedule news or messages when it has the most impact or to improve your workflow.

Language Translation

Provide an inclusive school community and engage with parents from all backgrounds. There are over 100 languages to support your community.

Solutions to help improve your communication

Not sure how all these requirements and elements fit together?

  • Enrolment or contact database
  • Communication and management
  • Events
  • News and PR
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Attendance and absentee notifications
  • Visitor management
  • Emergency messaging

And all encompassed in the requirements of compliance and legal duty of care.

Enquire about a no-obligation communication workshop to identify your current and future communication needs and where you can align, streamline and create a more consistent communication strategy.