The successful collaboration between education providers and parents is undoubtedly effective communication. Parental involvement plays a major role in a child’s development, growth and achievements. We offer a range of solutions for early learning centres to enable the sharing of learning, growth and development, attendance management, absence follow-up and other family communication.


Using a secure communication platform educators, parents and family members can share children’s learning captured in development stories via images, video, and text.

Relationships with children and families are the fundamentals of quality early learning and great outcomes for children. But while both educators and parents can try their best to communicate and share experiences, life often gets in the way and learning opportunities can be missed.

Outreach+ is a useful tool for not only sharing precious moments but also provides a breadth of communication and attendance services for your community.



Reduce manual handling and data privacy concerns by connecting to your child’s database for communication or attendance management.

Enquire about a manual or integrated software solution tailored for your needs and budget.

Attendance KIOSK

We understand visitor and late arrivals can cause a strain on frontline staff during peak periods. Streamline your attendance management processes with an integrated student and visitor’s attendance KIOSK.

Allow your students, visitors and parents to sign in and out and your early learning centre to receive analytics and attendance reports.

Create messages which are tailored, specific and personalised for unexplained attendance matters. Learn more about our AI message service, MessageYou.

Scheduled news or message posts

Term breaks or special occasion messages (such as Christmas) can all be scheduled to ensure you stay connected to your community.


Event management

Automatically synchronises with your public calendar e.g. Google, to share field trips, special events, community growth talks and council meetings.