Primary School

We offer a range of solutions for primary schools from the communication of news and events, roll marking, attendance messaging, student, staff and visitor management.


The key to successful collaboration between schools and parents is undoubtedly communication. Parental involvement plays a major role in the child’s development, growth and achievements.

While educators, staff and parents can try their best to communicate and share experiences, it can be challenging to consolidate communication to enable an effective system to cover all of the school’s communication needs.

Outreach+ enables a breadth of communication and attendance services for your community within one system.

In-App message and news creation

Share results or learning moments internally or directly to your parent community by creating In-App News with a multiple image gallery.

If you prefer, the permissions and drafts feature can enable a communication or administration person to edit and review the message before it goes to recipients.

Send multiple types of messages quickly and simply

Every parent has different communication preferences.
With OutReach+, you can reach parents in the way they want to receive messages. Send school notifications and reach your entire audience regardless if they have an App or not as Outreach+ can send via text, email, voice, social media, and push notifications – and do so quickly and easily from our intuitive interface.

Emergency Messaging

A cancellation due to your weather policy or a bus which is running late are communication and notifications which are time sensitive and need to reach 100% of impacted families. Message staff alerting of an emergency situation or select groups of parents or the whole community.

Family and child safety

When it comes to school notification systems, reliability, ease of use and security are the most important considerations. We see many examples of communication solutions and Apps with limited or no privacy on student information.

Secure your data privacy concerns and discover why Government Education Departments and independent education providers use our systems.

Attendance KIOSK

We understand visitor and late arrivals can cause a strain on frontline staff during peak periods. Streamline your attendance management processes with an integrated student and visitor’s attendance KIOSK.

Allow students, visitors and parents to sign in and out using the KIOSK and your school to receive analytics and attendance reports.

MGMs services enables messages which are tailored, specific and personalised for unexplained attendance matters. Learn more about our AI message service, MessageYou.