Registered Training Provider

Every day people make the choice to learn something new and make a change in their life. From finding new employment or upskilling we understand engagement plays a major role in the involvement, development and successful outcomes for employers and students.

RTO RollMarking

MGM can support your roll marking requirements with ID card readers or KIOSK based installations for student attendance management. Connection to your enrolments ensures you have accurate information and reduced data privacy concerns such as manual paper or external systems. Learn more about our RollMarker.



Attendance KIOSK

Streamline your attendance management processes with student KIOSK.

Allow students to sign in and out using the KIOSK and your school to receive analytics and attendance reports.

Send multiple types of messages quickly and simply

We understand geographic, language and cultural diversity can complicate communication for your enrolments and may require different communication preferences.

With OutReach+, you can:

  • reach students in the way they want to receive messages. Send notifications via text, email or landline for non-coverage areas quickly and easily from our intuitive interface.
  • Enable emergency communication to groups or individuals
  • Provide administrators and managers with control and transparency

AI attendance follow-up and reporting

MGM enables AI generated messages which are tailored, specific and personalised for unexplained attendance matters.

Learn more about our AI message service, MessageYou.