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Radio 2GB Interviews MGM Pinpoint Student Truancy App Principal

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BEN: You’re listening to Ben Ford, I’m on 2GB. Thank you for doing that. The number is one three one eight seven three. If you want to give me a call, do so any time. Would you let a school use GPS trackers on your children? Well, there is a school in Alice Springs that is taking the extraordinary step of using GPS technology to stop students from skipping school. Where are they? well the GPS will tell you. If a student doesn’t turn up to class, not only will their parents be notified by a text message, but they will also be told exactly where their child is, all thanks to a GPS device in the student’s mobile phone. Yes, kids, your worst nightmares are all coming true, and there was the odd day when I was a school student when I didn’t manage to turn up to class, I didn’t manage to turn up to school. Where was I? Well, my mum and dad didn’t know. Now they would. What do we think about this? This is at the Centralian Middle School in Alice Springs, and Andrew Leslie, is the principal. He joins me on the line. Andrew, good afternoon.

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