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Breaking Through the Barriers

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Effective school communication is tougher than ever before

Each generation has different communication preferences, from glossy printed newsletters or magazines, personal phone calls, to email, SMS, news apps, social media and more. They each have different preferences on how they would like to be kept engaged, a multi-channel platform approach is needed to break through those barriers and reach your whole community.

Every school community can have up to 5 different generations involved. Each of them will have their own preferred way to stay up to date and keep informed. Managing the expectations of each of those 5 generations can be one of the hardest parts of making sure your message is heard.

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App, SMS, email or website? What communication channel should your school be using?

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Why a Multi-channel platform is essential for your school communication

2-minute read.

As pioneers and leaders in school communication and parent engagement, it’s our duty to perform accurate research and inform schools on trends and effective strategies.

Methods like PC or mobile website, SMS, mobile apps, email and SMS messaging or printed materials are available to schools – but which is the right one to use?

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Why Your School App is Failing

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4 Minute Read.

In the past few years, mobile apps have been added to the already large range of communication strategies available to schools. In a recent study, schools told us many of the expectations mobile apps promised to deliver have not materialised, and it’s been discovered that large gaps exist in essential app capabilities.

Why are so many School Apps ineffective?

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Educate Plus PD Day – MGM Wireless Presents…

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Do you know what to look for in an app for your school or institution? Join Mark Fortunatow, Co-Founder and Chairman, MGM Wireless and School Communication and Engagement expert, together with a host of experienced panelists to discuss how to cut through the sales pitch to find an app that will help you securely engage and communicate with your school community and won’t be outdated.

School Star


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Instantly defragment your school communications

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There’s an age-old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, the same goes for communications, too many platforms lead to confusion and a flood of unwanted information. Schools communicate with their communities in many ways, through; Websites, email, apps, phone, e-newsletters, SMS and social media. This can cause irritability among parents and carers, which can ultimately damage a school’s brand.

De – fragmenting your school communication. MGM School Star

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SA Education Minister Susan Close Visits MGM

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MGM Wireless was honoured to host SA Education Minister Susan Close during the busy first week back at school. The Minister was encouraged by the capability of MGM solutions to consistently improve student attendance, safety and overall student learning outcomes, improving staff productivity, as well as reducing unexplained absences and school operational costs.

MGM and Susan Close

MGM Chief Operating Officer Tara Lewis-Christie, Education Minister Hon Dr Susan Close MP, MGM Executive Chairman Mark Fortunatow.

Just one SMS per week can make a difference.

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MGM RollMarker updates

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Rollmarker login

MGM updates its RollMarker product, making it even more accessible to people with disabilities

Welcome to 2017! We hope you have had an amazing holiday break.
During the quiet period, we have been busy working on some improvements to RollMarker. We are thrilled to announce that our latest updates to RollMarker has now achieved an AA rating with WCAG 2.0 compliance! What does this mean? It means that it’s now super accessible for those with disabilities. If you are interested in finding about more and what this means you can find more information here.
We have also made some improvements to our overall user experience. Hopefully you have noticed these for yourself already. While we would love to tell you more about these, there’s just too many to mention with hundreds of small improvements. We hope you enjoy these changes and look forward to more continuous improvements over 2017.

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Is your school bushfire ready?

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bushfire emergency responseIs your school bushfire ready? Do you have a SMS communications system in place for rapid emergency response?

So, summer is here and school is almost over for another year. For lots of Australia however, it is also the start of bushfire season. It’s that time of year that we really need to look over our bushfire plans and ask the questions, ‘If a fire was rapidly approaching your school, just how quickly could you communicate with parents?’ and ‘In the worst-case scenario, how does your school handle your emergency communications?’.

Whilst the start of the Australian bushfire season was the primary instigator of this article, it is also extremely relevant for all other type of school emergencies. Read More

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