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App, SMS, email or website? What communication channel should your school be using?

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Why a Multi-channel platform is essential for your school communication

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As pioneers and leaders in school communication and parent engagement, it’s our duty to perform accurate research and inform schools on trends and effective strategies.

Methods like PC or mobile website, SMS, mobile apps, email and SMS messaging or printed materials are available to schools – but which is the right one to use?

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Why Your School App is Failing

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In the past few years, mobile apps have been added to the already large range of communication strategies available to schools. In a recent study, schools told us many of the expectations mobile apps promised to deliver have not materialised, and it’s been discovered that large gaps exist in essential app capabilities.

Why are so many School Apps ineffective?

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Educate Plus PD Day – MGM Wireless Presents…

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Do you know what to look for in an app for your school or institution? Join Mark Fortunatow, Co-Founder and Chairman, MGM Wireless and School Communication and Engagement expert, together with a host of experienced panelists to discuss how to cut through the sales pitch to find an app that will help you securely engage and communicate with your school community and won’t be outdated.

School Star


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Instantly defragment your school communications

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There’s an age-old saying that too many cooks spoil the broth, the same goes for communications, too many platforms lead to confusion and a flood of unwanted information. Schools communicate with their communities in many ways, through; Websites, email, apps, phone, e-newsletters, SMS and social media. This can cause irritability among parents and carers, which can ultimately damage a school’s brand.

De – fragmenting your school communication. MGM School Star

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